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Visionary Art By Troy R. Bishop

What defines his best art works?

Gallery photo 'Revelations'

Few modern artists have been as influential as Troy R. Bishop. His literary works and his digital art have both created legions of fans and followers who are still trying hard to emulate his style. Before analyzing Bishop’s masterpieces one must consider the origins of each of his illustration. The genesis and creation process of his art are unique in the world of virtual artistry.

Stylish complexity

Gallery photo 'Vision'

Even Bishop has a hard time evaluating and explaining his own art works. The artist rarely stops to think of the end result during his intense, creative trances. After a few weeks spent on a single digital poster, Bishop is ready to reveal to the public eye the latest depiction of his complex, intricate vision. Viewers are usually exposed to a vivid ocean of color and endless motion waves. Any admirer of his work can let his imagination flow free while navigating the boundless seas of striking nuances and intertwining stellar dimensions.

Transcendental Universes

Bishop tries to impose his vision of the Universe through each of his virtual masterpieces. His belief is that the real, observable reality co-exists with seamless worlds in a perfect, yet indecipherable harmony. The artist’s work seems to be a continuous quest in the search for a natural gateway between all these dimensions. This aspect is clearly a trademark of Bishop’s art and the works of his followers, who have been inspired by this cult classic author.

The Creator’s touch

Bishop strongly believes that every living thing is connected through the unseen strings orchestrated by a universal Creator. This unnamed deity is present in all known or unknown realities, as well as in the imaginary realm. The artist is obsessed with this motif and considers all his illustrations as clear examples of the Creator’s divine touch.