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Visionary Art By Troy R. Bishop

Visionary art of Troy R. Bishop

Gallery photo The Pillars Of Eternity

Troy R. Bishop is a multi-talented artist that has astounded both the critics and the fans of modern art with his visionary masterpieces. The past three decades of digital art have been dominated by the breathtaking works created or inspired by Bishop and his followers.

Early beginnings

It all started in the early 1990s when digital art was barely breaking the barrier between traditional creations and virtual works. At that time, Bishop was not particularly interested in digital representations but he eagerly wanted to create the illustrations for his literary work. The first project was based on earlier depictions of his first novels. As digital design took the reins in the illustrating business, many people were amazed to see what Troy R. Bishop and other pioneers of this craft were able to do with very little knowledge or tools.

Urantia art

Bishop has often talked about how his work is directly influenced by personal experiences. With the release of his most famous novel Urantia in the early 80s, the artist’s inspiration took a swift turn. His obsession with different levels of reality that could co-exist was soon noticeable in both his literary works and in his digital paintings. Various representations reality and imaginary things allow viewers to empathize with Bishop’s intent and personal memory.

Bishop and the Divine

Troy R. Bishop has never admitted an affinity for any of the major religions. Nevertheless, he considers himself a staunch believer in a universal creator whose nature is very different from anything that has been imagined so far by the human kind. The artist’s beliefs are easy to see in his digital paintings and in his literary works as well. Bishop has often described his art as a transcendental passage between the known reality and the master-plan conceived by an all-powerful supreme being.